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Yoshiya Saito

Born in Kumamoto, Japan, 1988 (age 35)
Freelance based in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

My philosophy is
"Fulfill our customers' desires."

I listen carefully to our clients' wishes as we create the website.
I strive to create a website that satisfies our clients' needs and the needs of the users who will use it.


  • 2013
    Completed graduate studies at National University (Information and Electrical Electronics)
    After graduating, I started working for an electronics manufacturer. Responsible for product development and circuit design.
  • 2021
    Moved to a system company that develops e-commerce sites. Worked as a system engineer.
  • 2022
    Started working as a web freelancer

I am currently receiving and handling website production projects from production companies and business owners. (design, coding, writing, WordPress construction)


Website production and LP production

Website production and LP production

I can create a website consisting of a top page and multiple lower-level pages, or a long, single-page LP (landing page).
Based on your request, I can handle everything from design creation to coding. Design or coding only is also available.



I will make your design available on the web. I perform systematic coding based on CSS design, taking operability and maintainability into consideration.
I can also handle pages that move with animation.

Website production and LP production

Building WordPress

Using WordPress, I can build a website that you can easily update by yourself, such as blogs and announcements.
I can also create an original design from scratch. We can also customize and build on existing template themes, so please feel free to contact me.


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